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Calcitin Mineral Cretaceous Cream with real sea salt from the Ionian Sea between Greece and Italy.
Daily use of the mineral chalk cream is to support the natural functions and the regeneration of the skin. After easy and comfortable application, the cream absorbs the skin after a few minutes without residue. This means that the active ingredients reach deeper skin layers.
Real sea salt can degrade hard and dry parts of the skin. It supports natural skin regeneration without drying it out. Skin irritation or inflammation is alleviated by the antibacterial effect of the salt.
Calcitin Mineral Cretaceous Cream does not react with the pH of the skin and can therefore be used in any body region. In psoriasis, calcitin salis supports the treatment of nail psoriasis.
Calcitin Forte does not react with the skin's pH and can therefore be used in any body region.
Handmade from natural ingredients with sea salt.

Note: Calcite Mineral Cretaceous Cream is used exclusively for skin care and does not in any way replace the medical treatment by a doctor or a naturopath.
INCI: Calcite (Ca (CO3)), mixture of valuable and valuable plant, seed and active ingredients, sea salt solution 25%, butyrospermum Parkii butter, Cera alba, Theobroma Cocoa Seedbutter, Cocos Nucifera Oil, Tocopherol
Also suitable for the daily care of non-contaminated skin. Especially in the cold season, water-free creams are recommended.