• Calcitin Salis

    60g Can

    Care of nature.

    With sea salt from the Ionian Sea.

  • Calcitin Forte

    100g Tube

    With additional moisture dispenser.

    Antimicrobial properties.

  • Natural Mineral Cretaceous Cream

    150g Can

    No water and no perfume!

    Handmade from natural ingredients.


Psoriasis, itching, neurodermatitis, skin burns, skin redness, skin irritation, allergies with skin changes, acne, inflammation, wound healing, dry skin, joint pain of the hands and fingers, joint inflammation, muscle discomfort, bruises, foot sweat, sands, insect bites

Valuable mineral chalk cream for special skin care. Calcitin is used by our customers as a cream for skin irritations, psoriasis or neurodermatitis, as well as for tendon and muscle problems, but also as a pack for gout, arthritis, osteoarthritis, rheumatic and other joint complaints. Daily use of the mineral chalk cream is to support the natural functions and the regeneration of the skin. After easy and comfortable application, the cream absorbs the skin after a few minutes without residue. This means that the active ingredients reach deeper skin layers. No water or perfume is used in the recipe. Handmade from natural ingredients.

The oils penetrate very deep into the stratum corneum (horny layer) of the skin. Therefore, they are an excellent enhancer for active ingredients through the specific kink structure of oleic acid. The associated flexibility of the C-chain allows easy passage through the barrier layer of the stratum corneum. Thus, the oil base acts as a guide rail for skin care ingredients, in particular for the fat-soluble vitamin E and other lipophilic active ingredients.

The high compatibility of the oil base provides gentle care for sensitive skin conditions and helps to restore them to equilibrium, thus reducing skin roughness and moisture deficiency. The oil base has exceptional antioxidant and cell membrane protective properties. The high content of linoleic acid is effective against keratinization and preserves the sebum flow.

The sum of all properties is intended to strengthen the lipid barrier of the horny layer and to provide an effective regenerating formula for dry, neurodermic and barrier-disturbed skin.

Calcitin Natural mineral creme is intended to regulate the moisture content of the skin through a wide range of ingredients, to restore the skin, soothe and soothe the skin. The vitamin E contained has the ability to prevent the oxidation of membrane lipids of the skin and emulsion lipids. It binds moisture in the stratum corneum and promotes wound healing by its cell-regenerating and anti-inflammatory effect.

Our customers use Calcitin Natural Mineral Cretaceous Cream for skin care in 2 x daily use. On the many different positive effects we have already been very impressively reported and the list of alleviate and soothing properties is getting longer.

Calcitin Natural Mineral Cretaceous Cream does not react with the pH of the skin, so it can maintain all body regions. Do not get in eyes or on mucous membranes.